In Jenkins’ chapter on “Appropriation,” he states how important it is for students to combine information in ways that work for them because such a method is used very commonly in popular culture and literature. He explains how fanficiton is work created by many fans of  a source of fiction, whether television, movies books or video games, and how Homer remixed and sampled Greek myths when he wrote The Iliad and The Odyssey. Another example Jenkins uses is a collage because it is composed of several images and pieces of art to create something truly unique and substantial. Since I love music, I started to think about artists who combine different music genres to create their own style. For example, the band Nine Inch Nails fuses hard rock and metal sounds with elements of electronic music, including Industrial, Techno, New Wave, and Synth-pop. As far as teachers are concerned, we always have to consider methods to give our students information. I have included this anatomy of an infographic to show how useful it is for students to have many different sources of information at once. It would not be as useful if it only included a chart or a map instead of several other sources as well.

In Chapter two, “The Right to Choose a Personally Important Topic,” Spandel wrote about the importance of students writing about issues or situations that are important to them. When Spandel was a student, she wrote about her horse and expressed great pride of writing about something that was meaningful to her. What struck me about the chapter was Spandel’s best friend, Deidre, writing about her father. Her clever ruse of imagery to describe her father- comparing her to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde- was interesting but also a little disturbing. I obviously was fascinated by Sam because he wrote poetry and songs, as I did in high school. I would write about anything I was feeling, as Sam did. I wrote one of my favorite songs, “Tangled Up In You,” about being bullied in school because i was so different. Just like Spendel, Deidre and Sam, I felt proud that I was able to express myself. This example of digital media is “Knowing” by Mai Vang. Vang’s story of what her want to be a teacher is one that i can definitely relate to. That is why choosing an important topic; it lets the author’s personal experiences shine.



  1. cmddancer · April 21, 2016

    I’m so glad that you found this digital story, “Knowing” to be relevant. I too find this video to be powerful. I show it in one of my other classes as an example of how digital storytelling can take us deeper into the process of reflection than just writing alone. I look forward to seeing what you create for your final project.


  2. cmddancer · April 21, 2016

    Also, I see that you discussed the power of infographics for learning and research. You might also like this short blog post that describes 7 ways to use Infographics in the English classroom:


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